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Expiring function ‘valid till…”

One small item to consider that would be nice, is the “Valid till October 2, 2019″ date when showing on the homepage listing of coupons which is pulled based on the expiration field, if the promotion or coupon has no expiration date in that field (which happens for some of our ongoing promotions and coupons) then it says on the homepage listing of coupons ” ” after the expiration symbol. It ONLY does this on the homepage, if you are in a store page or on the individual coupon it just shows a calendar icon with nothing after it which is fine…perhaps you can have the words “Ongoing” on the homepage so people know it doesn’t have a set expiration date?


2 Answers

  1. Hi.

    would be nice also, when a coupon have not an expired date to show “UNLIMITED” instead “”.

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  2. Agreed, I posted this very request in fact! I think the phrase that would fill in that ” ” should be something like “Ongoing” in my opinion…

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