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Lightbox for Revealing Coupons like Coupon Joy

I like the way retail me not does it here:

So yes, once you click it a.) copies the coupon in your clipboard automatically b.) opens the lightbox in a new tab and c.) in the original tab it opens the affiliate site link up.

Here are some bonus and handy functions that they also include:

a.) What is cool also is the possibility of having an “ad box” at the bottom of the lightbox like Retail Me Not has.  More possible revenue but only as an OPTION for us – not required.

b.) It also captures whatever the header line of the coupon and puts it on the top of the lightbox, even wrapping it if needed.

c.) It gives a possible OPTION of putting the same information from the main email signup forms on Clipper and Affiliaty and feeding them into the area below the coupon.  A nice way to capture signups again optionally.

d.) The vote up or down option is also given.  That would be nice as an option for us to select that or not as site owners.


1 Answer

  1. Very interesting, We had it this one before on Koupon, a customizable l:ightbox.
    Let me set it to planned for Affiliaty and Koupon.
    Flatter theme will have a fork of the same feature.

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