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I like the way retail me not does it here: So yes, once you click it a.) copies the coupon in your clipboard automatically b.) opens the lightbox in a new tab and c.) in the original tab it opens the ...Read more

  1. Very interesting, We had it this one before on Koupon, a customizable l:ightbox. Let me set it to planned for Affiliaty and Koupon. Flatter theme will have a fork of the same feature.

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Do you have a “Header background image” you can customize on this child theme? Like the one found in Clippy within the “Header Layout” settings area?

  1. Yes Clippy as well.We are doing all together, affiliaty and Koupon and clippy. Almost all done, only testing needed.

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The social media icons at the top header do not open in a new tab, but instead open within the same page which is not a good idea for SEO or user experience.

s the title says, bullet lists are not showing in the post preview yet it appears in the editor.  Is this fixed for the up coming update?

  1. Does that mean that you are able to fix it in the next release of Affiliaty or we have to wait until the next release of Clipper? Which?

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